Citrus Pop!

A ‘Citrus’ palette of eye catching colour and inspiration from sixties design is this fabulous classic collection ideal for any season and suitable for various ages.

Citrus Pop! Collection


Square Cards

Big, square and sparkly! ‘Heart to Heart’ is a charming and rather cute collection of Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary cards. Hand embellished with small twinkly gems give each individual card a sophisticated twist.

Lou Mills at Top Drawer

Embossed Cards

Nicky Noo is the first set of cards that have been embossed by Lou with a border which encapsulates each design perfectly.

Textured art work and printed on a high quality textured board give the cards a home made and tactile feel.

Quite a unique set of bright and fun, yet sophisticated cards, that all ages will love.

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Mille Fleur’s cotton reel shelves

Mille Fleurs, the outstanding milliner shop in the Kent village of Otford, near Sevenoaks made a beautiful display stand for Lou Mills cards. Made with rustic wood and vintage cotton reels it has a unique and charming look!

‘We put our heads together at Mille Fleurs to work out the best way to display the amazing range of cards from Lou Mills and this is what we came up with …..don’t the cards look fab ‘says owner Jane Cave.

Button Embellished Cards

Ed Button is the latest range of cards to be embellished with bright eye catching buttons.

Occasion and blanks cards make up this collection and all come with a poppy red envelope.

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Snowmen in St Ives

Recently asked by the local town’s ‘St Ives Snowmen Festival’ to design a christmas card in aid of the charity, which is an initiative set up to support and raise awareness for the town economy.

‘Rosy Cheeks’ at PG Live

Launching ‘Rosy Cheeks’ at the PG Live show May 13-14 at The Business Design Centre, Islington, London. Please drop by Stand 780 in the Springboard Section.
‘Rosy Cheeks’ consists of 20 colourful designs in this children’s collection. Inspired by popular, classic nursery rhymes and songs.
Printed on a lovely textured board for a tactile card.

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Introducing ‘Imelda’

‘Imelda’ has a total of twenty designs, including: birthdays, blanks and occasions; also a few multi-purpose cards that work equally for a mum’s birthday or Mother’s Day.
Featuring bright colourful washes, overlaid with thick outlines that pop out from the sharp, white background. Textile-inspired detailing used throughout the collection in stitched lines and patterns.
Printed on a high-quality textured board and matched with an Eco, light brown envelope.

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Happy Birthday

Dilly Dally

Inspired after seeing an exhibition on “The Art of Paper Cut.” Using layers of pattern and solid colour, then shapes cut away to reveal areas of pattern, creating depth and interest within the design. A lace impression was used within the range along with touches of vintage printed buttons and additional patterns to complete the look.
There are sixteen designs to choose from and include various different occasions and blank cards.
Printed on a high quality textured paper and a bright white envelope.

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Toothy Peg

Toothy Peg is a quirky yet sophisticated baby range. Cute toys, stitching and touches of vintage buttons have been used to create this eye catching collection of 16 new designs.
Printed on a high quality textured board and matched with either a “Denbigh’ blue, ‘Denbigh’ pink or white for the last four cards in the range.

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